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    24/7 Gym Access

    Personal Training


    Why Choose Valid Fitness?

    24/7 Access

    Elevate your fitness journey on your own terms with our 24/7 access gym. Achieve your goals anytime, day or night


    Save a trip and get all your essential supplements in house! We offer Products from brands such as Alpha Lion, Bucked up and 1 up nutrition.


    Whether you're training for a show or looking to lose a couple extra pounds before your wedding. Valid Fitness has you covered for all your training needs.

    Meal Prepping

    We have partnered with hard body meals to provide you on the go meals in house so you can refuel at anytime.
    Personal Training In Hudson, New Hampshire

    What do people say about us?

    • Grateful to have found the best trainer Mariana at Valid Fitness. She went above and beyond to help me feel comfortable, as I was new to gym fitness. Mariana is super kind. Her Pilates workout is amazing. She has knowledge in all areas of fitness and is an invaluable coach.

      Jennifer Stefano Becker
    • Went for a tour and signed up. The owners are amazing. The place is beautiful and the equipment is amazing. They have everything you need to be fully committed to a fitness center. I’ve been working out for years at another gym, and this place just feels perfect.

      Tracy Hebert
    • By far the is the nicest gym I have belong to. It is 24-hour access, gym equipment is all new. The gym is kept very clean. Ownership is amazing. If you are looking to accomplish your fitness goals the staff will help every step of way. The membership fees are very reasonable as well. Highly recommend!!

      Kevin Bourque
    • Love this gym!!! Valid has great equipment that no other gyms have. Anthony, mariana and Brent are great people!! This place is awesome!!!

      Bruce Coutu



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    290 Derry Rd, Hudson, NH 03051

    Call us: 603-718-8956