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The Valid Difference

We designed Valid Fitness to be a place of escape for people.

We are proud to have created a gym in Hudson where people feel motivated to develop the necessary discipline to change their lives by lifting weights, by eating healthfully, by being supported, and by being held accountable.

We are a new gym in Hudson NH, where you come to actually train to get results.

For that goal, we have selected only the best and most important pieces of exercise equipment, so people could see results faster.

Legend Plate-loaded equipment will make your workouts more effective. Having a gym loaded with a bunch of low purpose machines that only take space and are not very functional in terms of Body mechanics. A gym that helps you get results.

Do you know lifting weights is the most efficient form of exercise to reverse age related muscle loss, muscle strength and age-related bone density loss?

These changes start at the age of 40 and worsen with aging. Lifting weights is the only activity that is intense enough to reverse that, at a gene level!

For that reason, we are a gym that focuses on mainly weights.

At our gym we offer one-on-one Personal training and Athletic Pilates with a Reformer, which will complement your goals and make your body a fully stable unit!

We don’t offer group classes at our gym and have a small selection of cardio equipment. We do however have treadmills from Life Fitness and GTL Stair Masters for cardiovascular endurance training, as these pieces of equipment make you work.

We got some floor fans in the cardio section to help cool off during and after a nice cardio section 🙂

We are 24/7 because we believe everybody should have the opportunity to train when they have time.

Throw the excuses out of the window and come workout anytime, any day of the week, including public holidays!

Valid Fitness is located in Hudson NH and serves customers from Southern New Hampshire. We are very close distance to fine towns like Litchfield NH, Nashua NH, Windham NH, Londonderry NH and, Pelham NH.

You won’t find a better gym in Hudson!

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