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We are the only gym to use Legend Fitness equipment in the state of New Hampshire! Not only are they American made but they are built for athletic performance from beginners to more advanced lifters, everyone can benefit from their unique design and purpose. They are manufactured to be functional and challenging.

Here at Valid Fitness in Hudson NH, we have a series of selectorized and plate loaded equipment Selectorized equipment is functional and has clean lines with hidden cables and big weight stacks to guarantee your progress in the gym!

The star of the show is our selection of plate loaded equipment for its unique design to challenge muscle contraction and joint stability since it has no cables, no pulleys, no friction and for that reason providing direct energy transfer from the machine to the muscle, helping beginners lifters to increase their motor control when learning while challenging advanced lifters by increasing their quality of contraction and motor control while using less weight than other brands.

All pop in springs, seats, pads and rollers are adjustable for height and reach Extra long pegs for more weight storage for some serious lifting! You can only find Legend Fitness equipment in our gym Valid Fitness here in Hudson NH!

We have dumbbells up to 150lb and curl bars up to 110lb for some serious lifting!

Video tour below of all our Equipment, incase you missed it.

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